US prepared against any aggression during Obama-Trump transition – Pentagon

US Secretary of Defence, Ash Carter, said in a statement on Wednesday that Pentagon was “full speed ahead of” its adversaries

The US says it stands ready to confront any security challenges against it from anywhere in the world before, during and after the transition from outgoing President Barack Obama to incoming President Donald Trump.
US Secretary of Defence, Ash Carter, said in a statement on Wednesday that Pentagon was “full speed ahead of” its adversaries.
The statement, obtained by correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria in New York, noted that as the Defence Department got prepared for the transition, it also remained ready to confront security challenges anywhere in the world.
The Pentagon also warned its adversaries to take heed, stressing that “the department’s Senior Leadership Council, which includes leaders of the combatant commands and the services, met today (Wednesday) to discuss how we will ensure vigilance in the weeks and months ahead.
The statement said: “The meeting was another reminder that while the world did not rest for the transition here in Washington, neither would the Department of Defence.
“Americans and their friends around the world can have confidence, and our adversaries should take heed, that the U.S. military is full speed ahead in the coming weeks and months.”
The Defence Secretary said the meeting included briefings on regional issues across the department’s mission set.
According to him, the mission set includes countering Russian aggression and North Korean provocation.
It also includes managing historic change in the Asia-Pacific region, fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, countering Iran’s malign influence and protecting the homeland.
Carter said that like all the Americans serving around the world, “each of our leaders is dedicated to defending this country”.
Carter said: “The finest fighting force the world has ever known has much strength such as its technology, material, operational experience and more.
“But another strength is its leaders; America’s military deserves only the finest leaders, and we’ve got them.
“Each of them, I know, will continue to make important and lasting contributions to the future of our military.”
He commended the Chairman of Marine Corps, Gen. Joe Dunford and other personnel of the services for their commitment in the defence of the country.
He said “Joe, you’ve been a great partner, helping me lead the department and our joint force in advising and supporting the president, in accelerating the counter-ISIL campaign, reforming our department to better confront transregional and transfunctional challenges, and much, much more.
“I have every confidence that you will continue to defend our country and protect our values, with excellence, in years to come.”
Carter also said he held the Pentagon press pool in high esteem, noting that “a free and vibrant press is essential to our democracy and the protection of it.
He said: “I appreciate your consistent efforts to tell the world about our men and women in uniform and our dedicated civilians and what they’re doing every day to defend our country and make a better world.”
NAN reports that Obama will on January 20 hand over to Trump after a two and final term in office.
NAN also reports that Obama had on Tuesday in an emotional final speech to Americans, exuded pride that no attacks had been successfully planned and executed against America in the last eight years of his presidency.