Stupid things men who cheat on their wives do (1), by Anurika Onyelemelam

And for some men… who bothered to ball their legal wives after an imperial sexual encounter with the mistress…they ball like they wanted to get it over and done with!

The guy goes to his mistress place…balls her until she’s dizzy with pleasure…they roll on the four poster bed like they’re bent on killing each other. He’s panting…his mistress is panting…even the poor abused bed is panting…they wear stupid smiles of sexual satisfaction…the lovers could even go another round if not for the wall clock, frowning at them…yeah, time running late…he needs to be home…
When he gets home, he complains of being too tired to ball his legal wife. You probably think he’s kidding…but he’s not!
He tells her that he had had a tiring day at the office…yeah! Right! Office!…Ha!Ha! Ha!
Office has been used several times to cover multitude of atrocities.
And for some men… who bothered to ball their legal wives after an imperial sexual encounter with the mistress…they ball like they wanted to get it over and done with!
Which is worse? For your husband to refuse to bang you…or for him to force his soldier to stand attention…force it to shoot half-heartedly…like soldier who had rather been somewhere else…
I don’t want either!
I just don’t get why such men spend so much time, indulging in foreplays with their mistress, yet when it comes to their wives; they balk at lavishing similar treatment on her!
Some of them will go down on their mistress…you know what I mean abi?…licking and sucking her honey well, like it’s an ambrosia, until she comes, but will they do the same with their wives?…no way!
And if the wife wants it?…
Ha! It becomes an abomination in his village…a taboo! He tells her he is an African man…he tells her it’s a taboo in his village…he tells her he’s a freaking born again Christian! Booo!
What a load of crap! Like she didn’t know you were a Christian before she got shackled to you for life?… give me a break!
And do tell us where it’s written in any of the holy books, that you can’t go down on your wife….show us where it says you get to give your mistress the best bang/cunnilingus of her life at every opportunity and deny your wife of same.
It’s bad enough that you’re cheating on your wife, but to deny her of her sexual pleasure, honey well sucking deserved right?
That’s a sacrilege! Yes, take that to the bank!
Yes…her conjugal rights….her right to foreplay…her right to a good sex at any and every encounter with her husband damn it!
Stop all these fire brigade approach with your wife…this approach to sex as an ordeal, rather than as a pleasure.
Stop making your wife have less sexual fun with you, when you and I know that you can give more…you can do better…your manhood can stand for as long as you want…stop pretending that its tired, when it’s not!…the thing is a soldier…let it march to the legal front!
If you’ve been in the habit of sliding your semi-turgid one eyed snake into her honey…whether she’s wet or not…you don’t give a crap…and then you start pumping furiously to get it over with…please stop it! It’s so demeaning and humiliating!
Every woman wants to be desired…wanted…cherished…hungered for…
I want that, what about you?
Don’t give her sex like you’re doing her a favour…phew!
I just don’t understand why such men worry so much about whether they satisfied their mistresses after a hectic rump in bed…but cared less about their wives’ sexual satisfaction after any football match.
And when they pour forth…beginning with jerks and spasm rocking their bodies…they wouldn’t care whether the little wife reached orgasm or not…they wouldn’t even ask her if she was okay…
I just can’t understand why such men feel it’s alright to get the wife with kids…then leave the up keep of the kids to her…not minding whether she’s working or not.
Rather they take up the up keep of the mistress with astonishing vigour…and if the mistress has children?
Wow! They take up her kids up keep too, while their own kids rot, looking like beggars!
You’ll begin to hear such stupid men use words like… ‘your children’…with their wives.
Suddenly, the kids have become the problem and worry of the wife?
They’re now… ‘your children’…not ‘our children.’
Some insensitive men/husbands even begin to tell the innocent kids to… ‘go and meet your mother’…like they didn’t have a thing to do about pouring water on the seed that germinated to form those children.
I just can’t get why the man tells his mistress so many lies about his wife…kids… and tells his wife nothing about his mistress.
You call that a cheap point…? I absolutely agree with you!
I know most guys wouldn’t want their wives to know them they’re playing away matches.
But those are husbands that still have their screws still sticking in the right holes.
Some husbands who have lost their marbles used to fling their extra marital affairs in the faces of their wives.
Did you just call such men scumbags? Yes, sis…my sentiment exactly!
I just can’t get why most cheating husbands always end up with mistresses whom their wives are prettier than!
It beats me!
I mean, if a guy is going to cheat, one would think or expect him to date a stunningly pretty babe…a sex bomb…a sexually hard to resist walking bombshell! A traffic jam kind of babe if you know what I mean.
But rather you see them with women who had faces of monkey and bodies of gorilla!
I just don’t get it! It must be sex abi ke?

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  • nifty

    i guess both partners have to work on themselves
    men have this ideology that women loose shape, taste and beauty after some few years in marriage, that’s y they go ahead to look for other slim bla bla girls.the solution is on both necks….. women; treat urselves attractive like before you got married, study ur spouse mood and adjust to him and satisfy him, because God created sex to b enjoyed and not to be endured, he has the right to enjoy it………; if u see ur wives loosing all those funny complains, help her balance herself up, thats why you are there, always see your wives as attractive as before u made her loose, if she doesnt satisfy you, teach her on the ways to satisfy your partner in bed and dont go out looking for satisfaction….

    it takes commitment, trust, tolerance, gratitude and God to be with our loved ones………

  • Kato Franklin

    Trust each other, things will workout.

  • Adewole


  • Arthur Ajatuaewo

    THis is not fair at all. it doesn’t happen all the time. what if 80% of what you wrote here are true. does this mean a fight should be started, or there should be distrust?
    im saying this because my girl friend works late (7am to 7pm). she gets home late after spending time waiting for a vehicle, and then traffic… she gets home and immediately sleeps off.does this mean she is cheating on me…. please relationship is based on trust. there are men who are very sincere and honest and they would do anything for their wives.
    please.. this is not entirely true and fair to those who are in a relationship, or already married because it can break homes…

  • teracuta

    the wife need to innovate, their love life is now a routine, most men hate that when it come to sex

  • teracuta

    surprise him, and there are a lot of ways to do just that

  • Sundiata

    Anurika, you reason like a woman; foolishly.

  • Sundiata

    Anurika, you reason like a woman; stupidly.

  • me

    wat kraxi tricks…abeg wu don go don go…jst pray to God to bring him bk..if u lik go n do monkey or snake style..oyo for wumeva..dts wort i feel..

  • amos otubue


  • Dady U

    That is unfaithfulness to then wife.

  • Chikwe Onuoha

    I hope you’re married, Sayed.

  • mama t

    it beats my heart! we put in so much yet treated like trash

    • Amanda Felton

      yes, but let me tell you . DO THE SAME. get you a nice young fresh good looking guy and look after yourself. enjoy him and yourself and stop worrying about the looser and hes stupid jol woman. let them have each other. DO THE SAME….IT WORKS. then you also tired at night,,, but most of all then you don’t give a damn.

  • kamoru

    It is true.

  • kezaala Anthony

    yes men do that & are not trustworthy but remember to look on the other said there are some women who do the same

    • mama t

      yes my dear, there are always two sides of a coin. Many wives are fade up and have just gone mad because of the same and only God can help us. what ever the direction this world is taking only God knows.

  • Mwansa Gladys

    I like it

  • Proud2Bwhite

    That`s right blame the Whites again. As if people of colour have never been involved in fashion, or what is deemed as sexy appeal.

  • adaawen

    My wife doesn’t like such things so I have no option than to give it to my mistresses b’cos she likes it. To me it isn’t that men don’t want to give the best of sex to their wives but wives don’t fancy that so what do we do? We give it to girls that likes it.

    • Chikwe Onuoha

      I guess the girls are from a different galaxy.

  • mr williams

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  • abdou

    Thank you for castigating men. The fact is there is what I called commercialization in relationships. Let us use the demand curve to explain. Women have high demand when they are young. Men have low demand when they are young

  • justine

    yes always men cheat on their wives. that is why abakyala bazira.

  • James

    i am a men i agree that men we mostly cheat on our ladies mostly when our ladies there so much faithfully to us

  • CK Dzeble

    Thank you for castigating men. The fact is there is what I called commercialization in relationships. Let us use the demand curve to explain. Women have high demand when they are young. Men have low demand when they are young. Even an attempt to take a girlfriend leads to broken-heartedness. The demand for women diminishes with age while that of men increases with age (commoditization). Women maximise their demand when they are young. Why do they sought exclusivity from men when their demand is high? Women cheat on their partners when they are young, men continue and play away matches and let them mourn while you are feeling good. Its your turn.

    • sammie

      am in total support of your view, pls. this should clear to those who cares to know the reality. thanks buddy.

  • John Fischer Nkonge

    “This situation is very unfortunate” as one writer put it, Trust and love go hand in hand. The person who can’t trust others can never be truly free to love, free to open himself/herself to someone else at this profound level. When trust and faith miss in you that is when these cheats happen, “Trust & Faith”

    • Alice

      So true!

  • khaled Maiwada Abdulsalam

    you all are hypocrites. Sharia law is very clear about punishment for adultery. 2 since man is polygamous by nature sharia law permits him 4 legal wives to be treated equally.

  • samson

    I have read as if one wants an eye for an eye but it should not be the case . You have to study the situation and present it before God and also take measures like not just give in yourself to the partner whom you feel like having had another soursage out, protect yourself.

  • shaniel

    wat am saying is dat cheating spouse deserve chaeting spouses to balance up the relationship

  • Moses

    yeah!!!! It’s true men cheat!

  • gold finger

    lets be fare, the fact remains that statistics has it that the ratio women to men is at least 4:1 and at least all of them want to get married ,how should nature treat such an event? sharing is caring!

  • Francis

    Men cheat on ladies and ladies also do the same. Men can never go for fellow men but to ladies and the reverse is true. we all need to know how to handle family issues to avoid cheating since in most cases it is as a result of unsolved family maters.

  • Bobheart Andrew

    women women of these days no-longer have and want love……money is their Target

    • victuss

      Of cos love with out money is useless. do u want us to feed on luv? does it even bring food on the table?
      All men are cheats n u guys should know that whenever your cheating, just know ur playing ur own game because she’s also sleeping with some one else so watch out it has seasons and episodes…………………….

    • smarton amico

      its true…… i totally i agree with you.

  • kapindakennedy

    Men most insist and so women if they mean to show highlights of likeness to the man so I can call it 50,50.



  • Fatou Sarr

    It does’nt impress the unmarrieds

  • dorothy

    but men are wars
    a man starts a woman finishes

  • You know it

    I mean, the man was cheating with the mistress!! so why blame the man alone when a woman is also involved in cheating?!!

    • you re right

      you are right 2 people doing it but they blame only one

      • Alice

        because the other one is not married!

    • F. bwalya

      If you love your partner because of sex desires then you are wrong person all together.

  • You know it

    The guy was with a woman! They are the same.

  • gershom mwamba

    tell you fellow women not to do it as well. It is a shameful activity and sinful in the sight of God.

  • Chalwe Katulwende

    its true men are real cheaters

  • Supernova

    No what if the wifey is regularly sick or has a headache or says shes tired and you as the husband want to have intimacy with your legal wife regularly. What is a man to do?

    • F. bwalya

      What if your wife would do that just because you are sick. How can take it. For me it very wrong to both. You just need to trust and love each under different conditions.

    • Richard Coomer

      in sickness or in health…?

  • Ronaldo Okello

    sorry that both are doing the same thing,God should forgive man, otherwise the world is heading to hell.

  • MenSuck

    That is why i will never get married. Men suck!

    • Michael Betty

      lol. because of this, you will not marry. I pray your father hears this and you will see what he will do to you lol

    • doos

      men suck???not as good as women 😉

  • Immy

    The biggest problem is with men, promising heaven & earth before marriage & after marrying they see their wives as nothing that is by treating them as maids, which makes ladies also loose their feelings for them.

    • Derek Jacobs

      Yes some men prefer going to a brothel and spending money on whores rather than to enjoy it with their family.
      Some of them even complain that they have no money when it comes to the needs of the family I would wonder why.

  • pat

    Okay. Even those with “faces or monkeys and bodies of gorillas” are women too and deserve all the good u talk about

  • Rapoo

    This write up is pretty correct. It is a petty that men are unfair to their wives. In the first place, why do men & women cheat? We also need to understand why are they unfair? Two or more wrongs does not make right.


    Your article has a catchy title but the content is wanting. What you have struggled to say in so many words is that ” HUSBANDS FIND THEIR MISTRESSES MORE FASCINATING THAN THEIR WIVES”. Nothing new in that. Once married,wives forget or abandon the small nice things that attracted their husbands to them. And the husbands go out there to look for women who can do the things that their wives have stopped doing. Wives please stop crying and instead STYLE UP. REMEMBER :THERE IS ALWAYS A YOUNGER AND MORE BEAUTIFUL WOMAN OUT THERE WAITING WITH OPEN ARMS TO RECEIVE YOUR HUSBAND. Men want fun. If you are too busy with the children,fine. I will look for someone who can make time for me.

    • Evans Syasili Syamuleya

      I like how Oguta Jefferson has put it across.Women step up your game!!!! there is always someone out there waiting……

  • Nelitah

    I thought i ws alone who felt embaranced wen hvng it wit my hubby,bcoz he realy would be nt be intrested after hvng it wit hs galfrends

  • Karim Iddrisu Joudi

    I’ve not got time to read through but what i have to say is that , the fact that they are stupid already suggest that first of all they are cheating themselves.

  • Philemon

    Shame to those they engage on plan B


    what an expository page. keep me updated please on these.

  • Aki rascal

    Wives den shd dress 2 attract their husband holistical.

  • Baffancybaffarng

    IS a term of chetting which is a fbt

  • Jkarume

    More of this should be said and many men for a change. On the other hand, let the wives learn to make themselves sexually attractive to their husbunds.

  • oge4real

    life is an irony…d world is full of mistery….

  • Adekoya Adeniyi

    This writeup is a fact. I am imploring you to proceed as this will serve as correction to men and will go a long way in improving lives.

  • Eugine Mwewa

    U’r doin a gud job,continue educating de wrld.

  • William

    That a big shame on them

  • machogu wesley

    women are the same make yours look nice.

    • romwas

      How about stupid things women who cheats on their husbands do?more over ,u can not teach a crocodile how to swim!


    Let men and women fear God and stayed with partners.

  • janeffer

    any body can cheat either man or women.but if u fear God u can never do such a thing

    • Lochoto emmanuel loru

      men are sub-topics in cheating while women are the main topic of cheating! then why blame men instead of women .


    It is cruel to cheat…. both spouses… However, we are human and make mistakes at times, Most important is that we learn form experience… Wives should not get complacent just because they have a ring… they should take care of personal hygene and seduce their husbands.. (not just to get money from them..LoL), Husbands too should take their wives out and bond with them to avoid temptation…and wives, it is an honor to have your husband take you out.. its not his some gratitude.. create friendship in your marriage and nature it… lastly harness the power of “Im SORRY” …. Pride is the worst enemy of any true relationship.

  • Nickson

    Let us try to be fair, women r the main drivers of mpango wa kando u come to house u meet gloomy face n the concupines r welcoming wewe utaenda wapi?

    • omoibile

      Please write in English!

    • Ojangole

      Guys, cheating is an evil act of uncontrolled sexual appetite. In marriage, unpleasant situations always come BUT never subject either party into starvation when it comes to conjugal rights. Men cheat with women and women cheat with men! A peaceful woman will always make her husband a man of home and the opposite is true. No man will ever enjoy being at home where hell awaits his arrival so is a woman though! In the current situation, politics and education seem to be doing more harm to the faithful original and ordained institution……..FAMILY. This statements……..I’m empowered, educated…..then why marry? Let us know that in a relationship, once you have chosen to go for it, your education, social or religious status does not apply. Be a wife and or Husband and do what is expected of you as a man or a woman with a fair judgement. Never ever think that cheating can solve your dom problem. Ladies and gentlemen of integrity don’t cheat but the face a situation in reality. Kindly I ask you never try cheating if you have not done it. It is very hard to come out of it you get there. Be faithful to yourself so that you can be faithful to your partner too.

  • Nnenna

    Men are polygamous animal by nature.married men always see d reasons why they wouldn’t have married their wives,thereby given d clear conscience cheating on their wives.same goes 2 women.GOD is d only solútion.when a man has d fear@strengh of God he overcômes bc temptations are everywhere.

  • Egau Alfred

    Indeed women have a key role in this menance coz if they are to do things the way they are supposed to, then there would be no cause of alarm.

    • Dickson.

      Give men a break. My wife will force me into poligamy by leaving me alone all night and now I’m reading this crap. If she complains that I’m always horny hten I’ll cheat not. They shureley bring this upon themselves. Who needs a cold relationship?

  • paul

    both couples need to understand each other

  • Ogalla mike

    Lets luk at both sides of the coin. So talk about the cheating women

  • http://Facebook Ken Rogers

    Let women face it rough! 4 they also cheat their hubby whenever they’re away

  • http://facebook CHEMONGES FRED

    In every home women are stepping STONES.they correct any wrongs and do more work than men.

  • bakare olorunwa

    this s unfair women think bcos they are married they need not care about them self again, imagine u coming back home with excitement only 2 c ur wife unkempt u try coming into her bt what u get smells more than a dead rat bt a mistress will like 2 look n her best 4 u & u begin 2 wonder y can’t my wife do same & if u try 2 correct her, she will say u no longer LOVE HER which s not correct, so @ this junction what would u do but confuse. May God help us men

  • wamukota joseph

    Married women should be very careful because they cases contribute & pave way to weaknesses developed by men.Ofcourse my argument is not so different form that of mr. Muhereza Willis.At mine, I have ever starved for a month plus bse madam says she has no appetite.Pse be fair judges even if its caused by contraceptives.

    • Mzondi Ngwira

      It takes two sexes to tango not just Men in marriadge, Women are the owners of their Bodies Men go for willing seller willing buyer policy for fear of being demonised a Rapist!!

  • wekhomba

    i like this page and i will recommend it to fellow men so that they can learn more. being new here i have already learn t a lot.

  • Muhereza Willis

    The women are the route cause,ofcourse a man cant marry a wife he doesn’t love.BUT what happens there after knowing that the man now belongs to her,she becomes arrogant, unruly,careless about her husband etc….You all know that men don’t always quarrel for the rights which they know belong to them.If they don’t get them from their wives they can get them from mistresses and that prevents them from getting stress.
    AND ofcourse once the man is not stressed every thing goes forward ie business,becomes good at work,children get what ever they need , clothes,toys,school fees etc….

  • Onen moses Edward .

    Who cars.

  • austin

    I think its foolishness that makes a woman think that all she needs is marriage after which she becomes so arrogant. She only succeeds in killing the love her husband has for her. The husband then painstakenly does what he does to feed his lonely and cheated heart.

  • tandisuwala

    this is two way, man cant go to cheat on his wife he married lovingly when she is doing her part,when the needs any style she is cheat because women after reaching their bed rooms they become sturbon.

  • Temple Life

    well its hole a lot of shit always upon the men, forget woman who always engaged with several boys in one cheap phone,idoicy its time to build massive toys for those animals to penetrate by cos ,MILF still making up ,to find opposite sex never mind how old cougar look like after looking for fresh Blood to get pumped, stupid world without knowing there curse . having sex with a ladies is like wasting a time cos you will never benefit any thing out of it than been a selfish man at the end, its only idiot who can accept to eat wussy or lick ice cream for religious issues a man shouldn’t worship between the legs of bitch , men are not fools.

  • http://yahoo Peter

    I love my ex-wife still, but I came home from overseas and she told me that she is sleeping with other women. It broke my heart.

    • omoibile

      Well, Peter, what can one say?

  • Hugh

    What a load of self-serving, one-sided BS. It’s the usual lament: it’s all the man’s fault. He should pay the bills (or else he’s on the scrap-heap), play with the kids and ignore the facts that he’s definitely No. 3, 4 or 5 in the house, because who can argue that everything else comes first? This sister is an arrogant, superficial harpy if she thinks she can look down on men, demand their surrender and get away with it.

  • Ellis mwesigwa

    Nailed it. But also wives are to blame.

  • http://facebookwebsite Felix Samuel

    that’s when Satan the devil is at home what will happen trouble! trouble!! home that’s while is very very good to inverit Jesus in a family because when Jesus is in family what will happen, happy! happy!! home is that family with love.


    Both men and women must learn the desires of their spouses. Understand what makes your wife or husband happy. otherwise your marriage will be a small prison for the rest of your life. It is difficult to have sex with someone who is always making you un happy.


    Why waste your time sticking to that kind of man? you surely must be desperate for marriage, you still in the odds thinking marriage is the ultimate end. what is it with women and marriage? you probably met that guy when you were 25 or so. now think about it 25 years b4 u met that guy yo life was normal and very happy, u meet this guy on the streets, who is not even yo relative whatsoever and then 3 or 4 yrs of being with that guy yo life shud be complicated in his crap! hell no dump da bustard and move on, dont use kids to bring u together bcoz kids will not grow well in an environment were parents do not sho affection fo each other and constantly fighting. kids will end up exhibiting criminal behaviour. marriage shud not b based on convenience but LOVE, and if he loves u truly he will not DARE cheat on you!

  • Felix

    U know women shudnt put al blames on men 4 cheating,b4 a man marries this girl she’s so stanning she dresses to kil evry tym she’s meeting her near future husbd,bt as soon as she bcomz a mrs it al changes,she nw thinks € feels like she cn only look gud at etervals when feels like it,even da sweet smile € loving words al goes only she knows where to,da rest well! Its history,only do u ladies foget that men are natural beings who treasure beauty € always wants to apreciate it so if u dt show it to em alwa

  • Johnson

    Wives of these days are like house girls coz they dont waant to do their works to their husbands.

  • James

    Understand the guy too because most of the lady how ever pretty she is changed she dont treat u as a queen anymore but that Monkey faced wears a good smile.
    Men wants that good smile, that warm welcome

    • Maureen

      Hmmmm quite interesting….

  • http://Yahoo Portia

    I totally agree with you.

    • Aubrey

      what i really dont understand is that why do people blame eachother for the things they do what they not must do

  • Emma

    Many wives fall into that trap of becoming mummy, choir member etc at the detriment of their relationship with their husbands. Many women become complacent once the man walks down that isle; she no longer makes any effort to connect with her husband emotionally, she starts to see him as an ATM, she makes little effort to look her best for him, some even drop all the terms of endearment and only see him as Daddy so-so-and-so. That is a desire-killer. Some wives start off being the cheerful and interesting and mentally stimulating girl of his dreams; once she becomes mrs, the story changes. Who wants to go down on a wife who no longer sees him as an individual? Many Nigerian wives make that mistake and do not realise a marriage certificate does not keep a mans emotionally need in a cage. When his needs aren’t being met, he goes elsewhere. Women need to wake up.

  • asiime

    not only men do that but also ladies do the same esp. working ladies. ;Or my dear today am not feeling ok bse yu know bra bra bra. when actualy de lady spent a day in another mans chest.
    She can punish de husband for a week, bse she comes home satisfied ,. so it affects both sides.

    • Dorcus Angom

      Every man will always have excuses for their behaviors. May God forgive men.

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  • Nsikak bassey

    Good writeup

  • Sumanguru

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. In any case, wives do not understand that the soldier has a mind of his own and cannot be made to do certain things no matter how legal.