Popular music act robbed on Uber trip

According to a statement on Friday, the artist was heading for an appointment when the incident happened

At about 9pm on Thursday, popular Northern musical act, Morell, was robbed around Central Area, Abuja.
According to a statement on Friday, Morell was heading to Sheraton Hotel for an appointment.
As the car in which he was riding went past Silverbird Cinemas, the Uber driver suddenly parked, saying his fuel was finished.
After deliberating with the driver for a while, in disgust Morell and a friend who was accompanying him for the appointment, got down from the car.
Immediately, two men came out of the dark bush nearby and attacked them. The armed robbers were able to get away with a substantial sum of money, mobile phones and other important documents in their custody.
The case has been reported to the Uber office in Abuja and the police.
The driver is in police custody and the case is being investigated.