PDP will bounce back as a most cherished party – Chris Hassan

Hassan spoke in an interview with journalists on Wednesday in Jos, Plateau State

Former Commissioner for Works and Transport during the administration of Jonah David Jang, Hon. Chris Hassan, has said the crisis rocking the Peoples Democratic Party at the moment will soon be a thing of the past as the party is restrategizing.
Chris spoke in an interview with journalists on Wednesday in Jos, Plateau State.
He said the PDP is the only political party in Nigeria presently with clear and defined ideology and manifesto, which explained the reason of influx of people from different background and characters.
Hassan said the reason why nobody should not double credibility of the PDP as the only party with political and developmental vision compared to the ruling All Progressives Congress.
He said the APC is an association of confused elements, adding that up till now the party has been unable to conduct its National Executive Council meeting.
He debunked the claim that Alhaji Ali Modu Sheriff is a member of PDP, arguing that if he was, he would not be working to destroy the party.
Hassan said: “No original child would like to set his father house on fire.
“If he does, where will he stay?
“So Modu Sheriff is not a member of the PDP, but was sponsored to disorganize and kill the party.”
Hassan advised all PDP members in the state to be magnanimous in victory and also learn to accept defeat when necessary, which is the spirit of politics.
He accused the APC government of trying to hide some elements stealing public funds but trying to cover it up because they are not members of PDP.
He called on the APC government in Plateau State to allow the forthcoming local elections to be free, fair and credible.
Hassan said: “I want the government of the state to allow the forthcoming LGA elections in the state to be transparent and the election results announced in a designated area, not at the state-owned TV/Radio house to avoid anarchy.”
Hassan advised all PDP members in the state to come out en mass and register to partake in the forthcoming LGA election in the state.
Commenting on the award given to him for his immense contributions to the development of Bassaland, Hassan said he has returned it to God, promising to rededicate more towards the transformation of the Bache nation.
Hassan disclosed that the PDP has served notice of warning to the APC to start packing its luggage ahead of the Local Government elections.
He said: “This is one of the greatest days in Bassa local government.
“As a people, we had normally the tradition that is known with good cultural display, which today is known as Kiche Day, meaning the cultural celebration of Bache people.
“That is how the people showcase all our cultural endowment such as the kind of food we eat, our dance troupe, the beauty of the Bache people, which is an annual activity marked with all the Bache people at home and in the diaspora that is well attended.
“We intend to sustain this momentum year in year out.”