Neymar’s injury breaks Brazil president’s heart


The injury that has sidelined Brazilian forward, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, is causing grief to President Dilma Rousseff and many Brazilians, and they are not hiding it.
President Rousseff had conveyed her feelings on the injury sustained by the Brazilian goal scorer, popularly known as Neymar or Neymar Jr, to the entire country via a letter released to the media.
She said: “It broke my heart and the heart of every Brazilian watching the pain on your face on the Castelão field.”
It would be recalled that Neymar Jr got injured on Friday during the Brazil-Columbia quarter final match at which Brazil won 2-1.
The president added: “But we also saw the immense strength of a great warrior, who will never let himself be held back even when wounded.
“A great warrior who briefly interrupts his march, having already left his insurmountable mark on the victorious battle our Seleção is fighting.
“I know that, like every Brazilian, you will never give up, and sooner than one can imagine, you will be back to fill our souls with joy and our history with triumph.
“May God give you strength and always protect you.”
The News Agency of Nigeria reports that that the star player was badly tackled from behind, which left him seriously wounded.
The injury has effectively ruled him out of the ongoing World Cup.
The Brazilians are bound to miss their most outstanding player in the line up,
However, in spite of his absence, jerseys with his name inscribed had continued to fetch millions into the coffers of Brazil Football Federation.
Neymar Jr., who plays for Spanish club, FC Barcelona, in the La Liga, was born on February 5, 1992, is on a salary: 8.8 million EURO and had since been flown into Sao Paulo for medical attention.