• prince adewoyin

    OF APC

    It is a popular norm, globally acknowledged and practiced by developed
    nations, that political parties serve as an avenue where values and
    qualities are discovered which, when discovered, are fully utilized to
    nurture the interests of the people and achieve a profitable end for the
    future of the concerned political entity.

    The engine through which these values and qualities, if discovered,
    could be utilized to better the lot of the society is governance while
    the oil which lubricates the engine of governance is a capable and
    competent administrator.

    Ogbeni Aregbesola, who is honoured by
    the Business World Magazine, amongst several others, as the “Most
    Innovative Governor in Nigeria”, has proven himself as an astute
    administrator with much diferrence. Armed with his innate spirit of
    kindness, people’s oriented programmes, and progressive policies,
    Ogbeni has greatly transformed the old Osun state – where official
    prodigality, administrative irresponsibility, self enrichment, people’s
    impoverishment of high level, educational decadence, economic
    bastardization and ridiculous degree of misgovernance was the order of
    the day – to the present State of Osun which is being administered by
    governance of belief rather than incredulity; governance of hope rather
    than despondency; governance of light rather than darkness; governance
    of truth rather than mendacity; governance of prudence rather than
    prodigality; governance of care rather than abandonment; governance of
    sincerity rather than deceit; governance of decency rather than
    decadence; governance of egalitarianism rather than god-fatherism;
    governance of amiability rather than unfriendliness; governance of
    altruism rather than egoism and; governance of true democracy rather
    than autocracy.

    Through Ogbeni Aregbesola, the good people of
    the State of Osun have realized that governance means development of the
    land and the people on it rather than personal enrichment, kill and
    share tradition or babaric people’s pauperization and enslavement of

    In allusion to the formidable whirlwind of
    rejuvenation and thunder of untold overhauling of the Nation’s body
    polity, laying a befitting legacy for Nigeria and emanating from a
    almost unexpected quarter, the State of Osun – created a little above 2
    decades now -, with an uncommonly honest personality operating behind
    the curtains and working like Trojan to make the traditional-oriented
    State, primus inter pares, the great people of the State of Osun ought
    to be proud of, part of and be ever ready to throw their weight behind
    this much orchestrated Crusader of Change with whom the Creator has
    blessed them.

    Aregbesola has brought hope to the State and he
    has restored the lost glory of the State. He has given and practicalized
    assurance to reshape the present precarious condition of the youths of
    the State so as to placing them on a more qualified pedestal to assume
    the mantles of leadership comes tomorrow. He has ensured that governance
    can again be meaningful to the overwhelming people of the State who had
    for seven and a half years experienced maladministration, troubles,
    victimization, underdevelopment and ill-governance.
    APC government
    led by Ogbeni Aregbesola has been working very hard to create, within
    Nigeria, a State comparable only to the most economically viable, most
    beautiful and most prosperous State in Europe, Asia, Australia and
    America combined. Ogbeni, never considered himself as a mere
    commissioner in Lagos but contributed in no small measures to the
    overall development and modern embellishment of the “Centre of
    Excellence” to the bold proud of the Yoruba race. No wonder, this
    seasoned engineer never hesitated to deem it fit and proper to flag off
    his electioneering campaigns in Ile Ife, the Cradle of Yoruba, in honour
    of his race and tradition. This gesture palpably highlights the
    behaviour of a true born of the race who truly loves his people beyond
    all artificial distinctions.

    Be that as it may, Ogbeni
    Aregbesola’s unexpected success at crystallizing monumental achievements
    that have elevated the State of Osun to a pre-eminent pedestal, where
    no one had, in the past, ever aimed at, has, indeed, made him the best
    and the greatest among his peers while the State has, consequently,
    crossed the hurdles of underdevelopment to a developing State. Ogbeni’s
    painstaking efforts and tireless sweat culminating into modern
    advancement recorded in Osun is enough to encourage the people of this
    God-chosen State to take pride, be happy, grateful to God and advance
    continuous support towards this God-sent leader of theirs.

    is no longer news that Ogbeni Aregbesola has, in his administrative
    magnanimity, injected untold transformational changes in the
    administrative vein of the State. For the sake of brevity, few of these
    unprecedented advancements are:- 40,000 Youths employed under the Osun
    Youth Empowerment Scheme; 5,000 youths trained and empowered in
    information communication technology under the Osun Youth Empowerment
    Technology (OYESTECH); over N2.4 billion injected in the economy as

    allowances for the OYES Volunteers; 123 kilometres of waterways
    (streams, arteries, canals) dredged to keep the state flood-free for
    three years; 750,000 school students provided with school uniform
    coupled with empowerment of 3,000 tailors; 150,000 students provided
    with computer tablets (opon imo), an electronic learning tool preloaded
    with 17 subjects, 54 textbooks, and past questions of JAMB, WAEC AND
    NECO of the past 10years; Introduction of bi-monthly environmental
    sanitation exercise under the O’CLEAN Initiative to keep the state
    clean; beautification of the 185 km Oyo Boundary (Asejire) to Osun-Ondo
    Boundary (Owena); trucks provided for a Public-Private Partnership waste
    management model in the state; Primary School Funding Grants increased
    from N7.4 million to N424 million a year; 240,000 children feed daily
    with nutritious meals under the Osun Elementary School Feeding and
    Health Programme coupled with empowerment of over 3,000 caterers;
    Secondary School basic funding grants from N171 million to N427 million
    per year; tuition Fees in State-owned Tertiary Institutions reduced by
    30%; security of lives and properties being guaranteed with provision of
    5 Armoured Personnel Carrier, over 100 security patrol vehicles and one
    helicopter for area surveillance. Also 125 patrol vehicles were
    provided to security agencies such as the Army, Police, FRSC, NDLEA and
    the Civil Defence. These, being the first in the history of the state
    have been provided to fight incessant robbery attacks; 2 state of the
    art police stations built; Internally Generated Revenue(IGR) increased
    from N300 million to N700 million without increasing tax payable by
    citizens; setting up of Omoluabi Conservation Fund with a N4.2 Billion
    reserve; Osun Debt Management Office established; building of the
    largest commercial apiary in Sub-Saharan Africa for refined honey
    production; 20.Over 1,765 hectares of land cleared and prepared to
    support farmers; rehabilitation of farm settlements in the state; over
    N1 billion committed to support farmers; building of super highways to
    connect Osun to Lagos and Osun to Kwara State; 61 Township roads
    covering 128km is being upgraded all over the state; Ede Water Works
    capacity increased from 13% to 30% and plans on-going to reach 100%
    capacity before the end of 2013; Over 3,000 permanent teachers employed
    into the state education sector; 218 km roads being built across the 30
    Local Government Areas and Ife East Area Office, Modakeke, Ife; Osun
    Ambulance Service Authority Established with 400 youths trained as
    paramedics; 9 State Hospitals and 12 comprehensive health centers being
    rehabilitated in the state; 74 Primary Health Centers built; Osogbo
    Railway Station undergoing massive rehabilitation; Revamping and
    reconstruction of the following roads in Ile Ife:- Lokore – Okesoda,
    Mbabi Mbayo, Lofogido, Agbedegbede, Igboya – Fajuyi, Mokuro etc.;
    reconstruction, refurbishing and beautification of Baptist Elementary
    School, Ile-Ife, (which was hitherto dilapidated, sorry sight and
    bandoned) to the great happiness and satisfaction of the great people of
    the Source and His Imperial Majesty, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade
    Sijuwade who exclaimed that “Aregbesola has performed beyond expectation
    !”; IGR increased from ₦300m to ₦1.5b per month; 70 buses provided to
    Transporters to boost transportation in the State; 8,000 students
    trained on Calisthenics; 125 Patrol Vans, 5 armoured personnel carrier
    and one helicopter provided to boost security; Over ₦1.5 billion worth
    of support for Farmers; 150,000 e-learning tablets (Opon Imo, Tablet of
    Knowledge) for Senior Secondary Schools; 254,000 school kids provided
    free meal daily; Primary School Basic Funding Grant increased from ₦7.4m
    per year to ₦424m per year; 1830 rural farmers in 61 Focal Communities
    equipped with farm inputs under the UNICEF Replication Initiative
    Programme of the Ministry of Water Resources, Rural and Community
    Development; 123km of arteries, waterways and canals dredged to prevent

    However, the glory of these golden achievements,
    Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has been appreciatively acknowledging, goes to
    the unflinching supports of the entire people of the State of Osun.

    Therefore, I urge all the people of the State of Osun to join hands
    with, let us continue to give Governor Aregbesola our full supports and
    re elect this hardworking man as our Great State cannot afford to lose
    good and incorruptible leader, visionaric and missionaric governor,
    good intentioned and honest administrator and, above all, God fearing
    executor who strongly cares for the people, strives day and night to
    elevate their status, concerned about the future of the youths and who
    is painstaking struggling to graduating the State of Osun to the next
    level of honour, development, decency, love, happiness, brotherliness,
    prosperity, hope and, above all, sanctity of human’s life.

    Long live our sincere Governor, Ogbeni Rau’f Aregbesola !
    Long live Great State of Osun !!
    Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria !!!
    Prince (Barr.) A. A. A. Adewoyin.
    Can be reached through:-princeadewoyin@yahoo.com