Med-View Airline to expand operations to three Francophone West African countries

Alhaji Muneer Bankole, the Managing Director, Med-View Airline Limited, said on Friday that the company would expand its operations to three of the French speaking countries of West Africa in April.
Bankole, speaking with journalists in Lagos, said the airline would expand its operations to Senegal, Guinea (Conakry) and Cote D’Ivoire.
He added that the company would be floating an Initial Public Offering in the next three months to give investors the opportunity to buy into the airline to make it raise additional funds.
The company listed a total of 9.75 billion shares of 50k at N1.50 per share each on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
Bankole said: “We are in the market not to do anything extraordinary, but to let Nigerians know that there is something to grow together.
“This is a private entity that started from zero level.
“The durable, profitable and safest business you can do is transport.”
He said the airline would connect all the West African countries before expanding to Europe and America.
According to Bankole, the airline will also commence Lagos-Dubai route in April, which he said had been in the pipeline for over two years.
He said: “Also, the airliner will commence its international flights to Baltimore and Washington DC in United Sates soon.
“We are increasing our financial capacity in the area of growth. We are discussing with partners to acquire more aircraft that we will bring back home to increase our capacity.
“Before now, we have to go to Benin Republic to travel to USA. You can see the sufferings, before the end of the year; we will start transporting passengers to the US.”
Bankole promised that the company would improve its performance on domestic and regional routes as well as stablilise its international operations.
He added that the company would enhance its services to passengers going to either Saudi Arabia or Jerusalem.