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Lesbianism among married women, by Anurika Onyelemelam

Dear Anurika,
I came across your blog recently, although I’ve been reading your write ups on relationship for some time now.
I write to bring to your attention the escalating menace of lesbianism among married ladies currently going on.
My wife happens to be a lesbian and I got to know through somebody else.
I interrogated the other lady and she confirmed the story and even gave out names of other ladies my wife is involved in the act with.
Recently, I checked my wife’s memory card only to discover her nude pictures in the sent-folder of her smartphone… (I’m devastated) because it happened when I warned her about it.
I also see some ladies pictures in other folders exposing their bodies in a sexy pose.
So, when are you going to write about this evil?
She never told me she was a lesbian. I’m heartbroken now.
When are you going to write even in your paper?
Dear Anurika,
Please when you are writing on the topic, kindly write on the effect it has on the family/relationship with husband when it’s discovered like in my case because I will want my wife to read it. I’d really appreciate it. In my quest to uncover this act, I stumbled on a list of married women and single ladies my wife is having affair with.
I now always feel like every woman that comes to my house is a lesbian.
Alhaji Garba Jimeta from:
Watch out for my reply next week, dear Alhaji Jimeta….