How to take care of your face, by Treasure Alhassan

Nothing shows you are unkempt like a few stray hairs

As a woman, looking great in public is really difficult to most people. And keeping your face in shape is one of the hardest as well. In fact, as a lady, your face is a mirror that everyone looks at before any other thing in the physical when you appear.
In most cases, a lot of ladies prefer to go to the market to buy a beauty products that do not fit their skin type. And this causes a lot of harm to the face rather than good.
Here are some of the simplest tips to take that will help you maintain a healthy complexion, that will have you looking glowing:
1. Make sure you wash your face each day with clean water and don’t put harsh chemicals onto your face.
2. Don’t skip out on your face washing routine. It’s important to keep up good habits like this. And your healthy face will prove it.
3. Don’t let anybody touch your face without you knowing that their hands are clean.
4. Remember to keep yourself healthy as a whole because if your body’s happy, you are happy. It will help add glow to your face.
5. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Use at least SPF 20 for best results.
6. Remember to keep eyebrows clean and trimmed. Nothing shows you are unkempt like a few stray hairs.
7. If you need to touch your face for whatever reason, use a clean tissue. Never use your hands to touch your face.
Alhassan is a 400 level student of Mass Communication of the University of Maiduguri.