• http://Yahoo Life eugine westyparn nest victory

    Na who d axe men fill say den b.ordnary axe wen nor get life,dem no fil move nor to talk of 2 fly wen call demself korofo,an emty vessle na hm won make mouth 4 were suprem eiye confraternity dey!abeg make ona go luk bush.abi ona 4get say ona dey beg us 4 inside ozoro poly delta state?na we,d only livingting & d only occupant nd d constudiant of d sky na hm fil dey suffer ona wen b yeye egede men.ona go die 1 by1 4 we hand.so broda,4 u 2 leave ur life & die 4 d glory of eiye,may ur soul R,I,P AMEN

  • Shark Teeth

    See fool, you go join game you no give yourself cover abi you think say na American gangster you be. See am now hard man na only three bullets seal your fate. Oya carry egede go the other side. Every game man woth his salt know say game na life and death. Once you enter their is a bullet with your name on it. If bullet no work Matchet dey if that one no work kpacko follow. Any how if you no smart you no live long. For your next life if you see game your leg go reach your head like ben johnson. Gbam,gbam,gbam and it is all over!!! FOOLS.

    • Atanda

      U Bam

      • Micheal Williams

        You bam nothing,….. gbolaga for your head na eiye soroud u dem go kill you , remember na Eiye fuck dem pass

    • Lambaking

      You too Bambella,dodos for you

    • Micheal Williams

      Who be dis watering mouth weh dey yan about here , na watch yourself back you go still die soon and naso dem go talk anyhow about you too

  • please be wise

    Damoche sings trash every now and then, i don’t even know him if not this gruesome murder of him that made me see his picture and listened to what song he had sang. Christ is the way, the truth and the life. And even if you decide or made up your mind that you wanna join cultism in school because of earthly power and fame, you should make sure you are very strong in what you do and not to be too feeble enough for someone to come and take you down because if they do, you will end up dying and the killer may end up repenting someday and God in His infinite mercies will forgive him so be wise. God is angry when an unrepentant soul is wasted like this. R.I.P Damino

  • http://TheEagleSun Shameful To Be A Nigerian

    Alo or whatever your yeye eiye name. don’t make empty noise because you too small before Axe Men! You know Aiyes very much and you are still talking. physical and facebook is not the same! You come out and talk as you said in facebook and see if you will not arrive hell fire before your dirty brother! If you want war, be ready to fight. Beware of Axe Men! Aiye Me Axe Men, Aye!! Alo butterfly must go too! I know how to get him because I know him. Alo never run away!

    • Butcher Ewekoko Temple

      Am very sure you your self knows is not an airlord but alora, Eiye is ruling kill one and your Kpoai will die

  • nsoro eugene

    nigeria, as currently constituted as a country may not achieve her potentials with blood soaked hands and. The leaders helpless in talking insecurity but strong in money chase.