Constituency projects: Senators angry over ‘meagre allocation’ in 2017 Budget

The anger is yet to die down

‎Some senators are angry with the leadership of the Senate over what they have termed allocation of meagre projects to their constituencies in the 2017 Budget, The Eagle Online has learnt.The meagre allocations of constituency projects also contributed to the delay in the transferring of the 2017 Budget to the Presidency, according to reliable sources in the Senate.

The Eagle Online gathered that some lawmakers are angry with the Senate leadership and Senate Appropriation Committee over the allocation of funds for constituency projects in the 2017 Budget.

Although, the spokesman of the Senate, Senator Abdulahi Sabi, claimed that the delay in the transmission of the budget to the Presidency was as result of final touches to the budget by Legal Department of the National Assembly, The Eagle Online learnt that it was to first pacify the aggrieved senators.

Sources close to the lawmakers revealed that some senators are demanding for proper scrutiny of the budget before it was transferred to Presidency.

But some senators are equally said to be demanding that the proper things should be done.

Some are even said to be demanding for the removal of certain items from the Budget before it is transmitted to the Presidency.

According to the source: “Many of the senators are calling for the document to be properly scrutinised and the illegal insertions weeded out before it is presented to the Presidency for assent.

Some senators claim projects approved for their constituencies are now missing in the budget just passed by the National Assembly.