Caroline Ekanem’s rival, Simba Allen, finds new love

Caroline Ekanem, who just celebrated 34, is a happy woman right now.


Because one of her arch rivals, her husband’s passionate mistress, Danielle Simba Allen, has found new love.

The bi-racial (half Zimbabwe and half American), who was in a very serious relationship with the husband of the ex-Nollywood actress has ended the two years relationship and now in another affair.

The relationship between Musa Danjuma, the MD of Southern Petroleum, Comet Shipping agencies and more businesses, and Allen became a major topic among top society clique when he proposed to her and was preparing to make her his wife No. 3 or is it No. 4 around January 2015.

Allen, a designer who shuttles between London and Nigeria, didn’t also help matters as she went public about the proposal and even boasted about it on social media, a move that generated a lot of rancour between her and Caroline, the mother of Musa’s three kids.

A source told The Eagle Online: “Carol will be a happy woman by now.

“At least for this girl to leave her husband, it’s not been easy for Carol.

“At least one down, though many to go.

“She and this girl were always threatening each other on Instagram to the extent that this home-breaker, Danielle, who they even alleged to be a transgender, wrote on her Instagram page that she’ll soon become Mrs. DD, meaning Mrs. Danielle Danjuma.

“We don’t know the history of how she grew up.

“All we know is that she just stormed Nigeria and started calling herself a beautician, dragging men from every girl.

“People who have seen her well are saying she must have worked on her boobs because that footballer-legs is not woman-like and also the heavy arms, her nose and some part of her body looked like they’ve passed through a surgeon’s knife.

“And to make matters worse, she’s from Zimbabwe.

“She didn’t grow up here even though we learnt she’s got two kids.

“That doesn’t matter.

“Anyone can get kids nowadays.

“Just take a closer look at her pictures.”

The love affair between Allen and Danjuma was so deep at a time that marriage was said to be in the offing and she was all over the moon about it.

“About to go from being #Preferred to Being#ThePreferred.2015. I never knew u would come with so many surprises#About to switch my initials just like that# Mrs.DD#Blessed and highly favoured (love sign) Am about to drink to that#TGIF,” she wrote on her Instagram page sometime around January this year.

She and Danjuma, who’s alleged to have soft spot for half-caste girls (remember Caroline too is half Scot, half Nigerian), were also going everywhere together at the time.

Their love nest amongst other places included California Hotel, Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Resort located on Alexander Road Ikoyi, Lagos.

The half-caste, who has been linked with several billionaires in Nigeria, including Timi Alaibe, seems to have retraced her steps as she has decided to jettison the marriage plans with Danjuma, though insiders revealed that the decision was based on advice from some very close friends and family.

In a move that is still a surprise to those in the know, The Bodyshop franchise owner in Nigeria has moved on from the drama and now in another relationship with a much more younger guy whose name is still undisclosed.

Allen flaunts her new man on frequent occasions on her Instagram page and from the pictures displayed, she seems to have truly moved on and a more happy person now.