Nollywood actor Samuel Ajibola motivates hundreds of Lagos students, donates items

Nollywood actor, Samuel Ajibola, on December 12, 2017 met with hundreds of students, motivating them and donating several stationery items to the school, STC, situated in Ojuelegba area of Lagos as a CSR effort under his Samuel Ajibola Foundation, which is aimed at bettering the lives of young Nigerians,
Ajibola spoke extensively on the importance of education and why it is really a necessity for the students to read lots of informative books, which will help improve them.
The students, who were apparent fans of the actor’s character in the popular TV series, The Johnsons, were so keen on finding out whether or not he sought admission into a higher institution or if he just stumbled into acting.
They also asked if his parents were in support of his choice of career.
The Future Awards nominee took his time to narrate his life story and how he got into Nollywood.
He also stated that he was lucky to have gotten approval from his parents.
Speaking on the idea behind his foundation, Ajibola remarked: “The need to inspire the younger ones has always been something I wanted to do. These kids are the future leaders and as such, they need all the motivation and support they can get. If sharing my personal story with them and having a chat with them about life issues can help get them ready, why not?”
The Samuel Ajibola Foundation aims to help them understand the importance of education and the need to pursue not just any career, but one they have a strong passion for.
Inside sources say that the foundation is set to visit several other schools in Lagos to show the same support and love.
At the end of the talk session, the students and teachers expressed their gratitude and also took pictures with the actor who in return provided them with stationeries.
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